Where do I buy a GinkGo?

To try or buy a GinkGo, you can contact one of the retailers listed here. The exact price and delivery time will depend on how you choose to customize your bike.

Can I order directly from you?

Yes. When ordering from us you can choose between frameset, complete bike or parts as specified on the product page, and in the price list further below. Contact us to place your order. We will then issue you an order contract and put your GinkGo(s) in our production queue once we have received a 10 % order deposit. 

Can you build me a bike with component X?

If you wish to build with custom component, you can either agree on that with one of the retailers, or order a frameset directly from us. We have designed the frame to be verstatile, and are happy to answer questions, but cannot guarantee smooth compatibility with components that we have not built with ourselves.

What is the delivery time?

Our delivery times vary depending on the volume of orders we are processing. Please contact us to find out when you can expect your frameset/bike if ordering today.

Where do you ship and at what cost?

We ship worldwide, and if you buy from us instead from a shop, we will debit the shiping cost. When you inquire about placing an order, a quote for shipping will be inclided in the sales contract. That is, if you don't come by Höör to pick up your GinkGo. (Complete bikes we can deliver also in Lund/Malmö.)

It's a nice frame, but can I get it with modification X?

We regularly get questions if  the bike is available in other materials, sizes, drive train options, etc. The simple answer is no. We've put a lot of thought into building a light, agile and durable cargo bike and while we constantly refine our design, we are not planning to introduce any major changes to it.

My questions were not answered!

Don't hesitate to contact us. We try to be responsive both on contact form and email requests.


The prices below apply when you order directly from us. Listed prices iclude 25 % VAT. We accept payment in € and SEK. Please inquire for quote in SEK or VAT requests.

Note: See the product page for further specifications, and the colors page for custom paint information.


Flat bed


Diagonal plate


Carbon fork


Wheel set


Child seat


Double child seat